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Oak Grove Hotshots


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"The Chilao Patch with Woody Woodpecker was designed by Ruth Coe, husband who worked for the studio whom made woody woodpecker cartoons.... Rue Coe was a clerk at the Arcadia fire warehouse for many years.....

The patch was designed for the Oak Grove hotshots, of which I still have some of the original rough drafts of the patch designs....... The patch was and is copy righted with the studio. I had to get written permission to use the logo... When the patch and decal was done I mailed one each in a frame to the studio..... I cannot remember the name or the studio at this time... time has taken that info away.

Ralph Johnston just gave the original Chilao truck sign to the Angeles N.F. It was a picture of a Zuni Bird..... So, the patches shown are not correct for the times and maybe the era."
--- Larry Boggs.... Oak Grove 1958-1964 Chilao Asst, Supt, 1966-1967 Oak Grove Supt... 1967-1971

"I worked as detail foreman during the 1974 fire season. Chet Cash was the Supt during this time. Mike (Paul) Daughtery was the other foreman. Chet was DIVS qualified. I transferred to Oak Grove in 1971 and transferred to the Stanislaus in 1976 and, as far as I can remember, Chet was the Supt the entire time. I was qualified as Sector Boss and PSC2.

Jim Stumpf was the DFMO in 1971 and later became the FMO while George Roby was the District Ranger. Now I am a District Forester (Ranger) in Oklahoma. My district encompasses 2 million acres with 700,000 acres within fire protection. The average number of fires each year is 300 plus. I had 318 last year and 370 the year before."
--- Bob Harrel
Oklahoma Forestry Services

The following scans are from an October 1968 Pace Magazine article. They were provided to us by Oak Grove Hotshot Chuck Grennell. They are in order; left to right. Each thumbnail leads to a very large .jpg file. We kept them large so you can read the article in addition to seeing the photos.