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Mill Creek Hotshots

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Mill Creek Hotshots


A BIG thank you to Terry Molzahn & Dooley for the following brief histories:

The crew was Started in 1975 and Mike Goldenbee was the first Supt. Richard Keebaugh and Dave Dooley were the foremen. The Crew worked out of the Mill Creek Ranger Station on the Old San Gorgoino Ranger District. In 1978 Dooley left the crew and I became the foreman on 489-2. I stayed with the crew the whole season; in late fall of that year we were cut along with all the other crews assigned  to the Maple Fire on the Cleveland N.F. Upon returning to the Forest, we were told that the crew would stay until the winter. Over the winter the Crew overhead, we were  RIF.  The Crew came back in 1980 with Mike Goldenbee, Richbaugh and Tom Walker, who replaced me. I believe in 1981 George Motschall replaced Goldenbee. The crew was cut again in the fall of 1982.  This is some of what I remember about Mill Creek Hotshots.  I retired from the Forest Service in Dec 04 and at my dinner, I was given a Chrome Bushhook by Dan Snow and Louie Nuno. As far has I know Louie and Scott Wanger are the last two people still working from the Crew of the 70's.

Terry W. Molzahn
DFMO Mount Whitney Ranger District (RET)
Inyo National Forest & Thompson Falls, Montana

Here's additional history sent by Dooley:

I was the driver at Mormon Rocks on the Cajon R.D. in '74, having been on the Redding Smoke Jumpers in '73 and on the Del Rosa Hot Shots in '70-'72.  When the San Bernardino spooled up the Mill Creek crew Mike Goldenbee was selected to the Superintendent slot, Richard Keebaugh was Foreman of crew #1 and I was Foreman of crew #2.

Some of the folks on the crew at start up stuck around long term and made a career of the FS, including Louie Nuno, Scott Wagner, Terry Molzahn and Mike Conrad.  Ray Mendoza might also have made a career of the FS.

I stayed with Mill Creek through 76, then switched over to Law Enforcement a few years later and retired from the FS early in 2002.