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Mendocino Hotshots
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2007 Mendocino Hotshot Crew

1975 Mendocino Hotshot crew

Mendocino Hotshots


Like several other IHC’s the Mendocino Hotshots were established in 1974 under the direction of Superintendent Bob Moore.  During the first year the crew was split into two locations on the same district.  Ten people were located in Alder Springs and ten were located approximately forty miles away, in Stonyford, due to facility constraints.  In 1975 all members were brought together and placed in Alder Springs, where they remained through the 1986 season. 

During the twelve years at Alder Springs the crew had two other men lead them.  In 1978 Rusty Witwer took over as Superintendent for the 1978-79 seasons until he left to become the Hobart Hotshot Superintendent.  During the remaining six seasons of the Alder Springs era the crew was led by Superintendent Jerry Barney (1980-1986).  

In 1987 the crew was moved back to the base of the Coast Range in Stonyford, California.  With the change in locations came a change in Superintendents.  Larry Edwards was hired as Superintendent and remained in that position for the 1987 and part of the 1988 season.

Don Will took over as Superintendent during the 1988 season.  Don took the crew through the remainder of its first 20 years. Don was the Superintendent for a total of six seasons and left the crew after the 1994 season.

Bill Pierce was hired as the Superintendent in 1995.  With this change in Superintendents came changes in the crew logo and crew colors.  The Mendocino color went from blue to black in 1996.  Bill remained superintendent thru the 2000 fire season. 

In 2001, due to lack of qualified supervision, the hotshot crew status was temporarily removed.  Rich Rushforth was then detailed into the Superintendent position to keep the crew on and fighting fire.  The traditional Mendocino Hotshot logo and colors of Navy blue were then brought back and it remains that way today. 

Daren Dalrymple was hired as the Superintendent in October of 2001.  Additional qualified, permanent overhead was hired before the 2002 season and the Interagency Hotshot crew status was regained with a lot of hard work and pride during the 2002 fire season. 


Bob Moore 1974-1977

Rusty Witwer 1978-1978

Jerry Barney 1980-1986

Larry Edwards 1987-1988

Don Will 1988-1994

Bill Pierce 1995-2000

Daren Dalrymple 2001-2006

Jon Tishner 2007-present