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Klamath NF

Happy Camp - Oak Knoll RD


Klamath Hotshots
PO Box 10
Klamath River, CA  96050
(530) 465 - 1505


Klamath Hotshots (Official)

Klamath Hotshots


The Klamath Interagency Hotshot Crew was established in 2001 under the National Fire Plan, and quickly achieved Type1 IHC status in August later that same year.

With the crew stationed out of the Oak Knoll Work Center along the mighty and majestic Klamath River, Johnny Clem took on the task of Superintendent along with Asad Rahman and Scott English as Captains. With endless help from those on the forest and a fantastic group of employees, they constructed a solid foundation which continues to be built upon today.

Aaron Schuh started with the crew in 2001 as a squad leader, then was promoted to Captain. Johnny, Aaron and Devin Parks continue to run the crew today under the credo and mantra, “Work hard have fun, a season of sacrifice for a lifetime of tradition”

Although this program has only been around for a short time, they have upheld Interagency Crew values and have begun to build a solid foundation of memories and tradition, one chain at a time.

Superintendent: Johnny Clem
Captains: Aaron Schuh and Devin Parks