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Eldorado Hotshots
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Eldorado Hotshots


On May 19, 1981, Lynn Biddison, director of Aviation and Fire Management initiated the Eldorado Hotshots.  Up until 1976, all four districts on the Eldorado National Forest maintained a ten-person fire suppression crew.  In 1977 the Amador District gave up their crew, which in turn was absorbed by the Placerville District.  The two hand crews were combined to form a single 20-person crew.  They shared common transportation and days off.  The crew was known as the Sly Park Fire Suppression Crew.  During the winter of 1980, the Eldorado National Forest proposed to Region Five to change this crew into a Type 1-fire crew; on May 19, 1981, the crew became the Eldorado Hotshot Crew, to be stationed at Sly Park on the Placerville Ranger District.  The Hotshots designed and constructed their own facility, including men’s and women’s barracks, laundry facility, office and workshop.

The first Superintendent was Milt Clark.  He was detailed into the position during this first fire season.  During the fall of 1981, the Palomar Hotshots became victim to a reduction in the workforce.  Their displaced Superintendent, Barry Callenberger, found a home on the EldoradoI.H.C. for the 1982 fire season and stayed with the crew until 1988.

In the winter of 1989, Greg Keller, who had been the foreman from 1981 to 1988, became the next Superintendent.  He held the position until 1995, when he decided to move on to greener pastures in Idaho as a Battalion Chief.

The winter of 1995 brought on a change of leadership as Mike Beckett became Superintendent.  After details in the 2009 and 2010 fire season as Division Chief, Mike officially accepted the Division Chief job for the south half of the Eldorado NF in July 2010.

In the winter of 2010, Will Harris, who had been the Captain from 2004 to 2010, accepted the Superintendent job in November. Will had previously detailed into the Superintendent position during the 2009 and 2010 fire seasons.

Crew foreman include:  Milt Clark, 1982; Greg Keller, 1981-1988;  Paul Musser, 1983-1989;  Berni Bahro, 1989-1993;  Lisa Fisher, 1991-1996;  Jeff Robison, 1996;  John Colby, 1996-1999;  Mike Cherry, 1996-2001;  Mike Sandoval, 2001-2006; Will Harris 2004 - 2010; Aaron Humphrey 2007 - present; Nick Matheson 2010 - present.

Past detailed foreman include:  Jenny Reinheardt, 1989;  Heather Mitchell, 1990;  Bob Kafka, 1992;  Bob Bell, 1993;  Jeff Robinson, 1994;  Dragelbert Sharp, 1994;  Mike Cherry, 1995;  Mike Tucker, 1995;  Cindy Buckley, 1996;  Dave Pereira, 2000;  Will Harris, 2003;  Trent Williams, 2003;  Andy Huntsberger, 2003, Aaron Humphrey; 2006; Nick Matheson; 2009-2010.


Milt Clark – 1981

Barry Callenberger – 1982 - 1988

Greg Keller – 1989 -1995

Mike Beckett – 1996 - 2010

Will Harris - 2010 - Present