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Del Rosa Hotshots
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Del Rosa Hotshots


In 1945 the C.C.C. Civilian Conservation Corps were stationed at the Del Rosa work center, at this camp were many crews working at various projects through out the greater San Bernardino area, one of the many tasks assigned to the camp was fire suppression duties, in 1946 the fire suppression crew was renamed the Del Rosa Hot Shots and was administered by the forest, the crew has been in the same location since it was formed.
The Spanish name Del Rosa translated in English means (THE ROSE).

Originally the crew was made up of two separate crews consisting of 15 people each, one Superintendent, one Assistant Superintendent and two Crew Forman for a total of thirty-two personnel, and several support personnel, i.e. Cooks and camp help.

The crew adopted it’s name form the small community that lies below the work center and Del Rosa Boulevard that leads to the Hot Shot camp from Hwy 30 to the west, the work center is now considered to be in the city limits of San Bernardino.

In the mid 1960’s the Del Rosa Hotshots became one of three Interregional Hotshot crews in R-5, this status allowed them to travel to other regions with in the U.S., for fire assignments.
At one time the crew had assigned to them their own airplane that was used for transportation to out of region assignments, as well as a 250 gal. pumper that they staffed out of the Del Rosa work center for initial attack on forest.

The following are those that have severed as Superintendents of the Del Rosa Hotshots since it’s beginning in 1946.


Toby Ortega? 1946-1949

George McCarty 1949-1950

Gordon Bosteder 1950-1954

Mike Roberts 1954-1957

Ernie Lemelin 1957-1960

Don Mc Cormack 1960-1962

Gerry Ewart 1962-1965

Toby Ortega

Bob Robbins

Eldon Henry

Kenny Tortez 1966-1976

Gary Lange 1976-1977

Ron Regan 1978-1997 (retired in place)

Scott Wagner 1997-1998 (detailed in 97-became the Supt in 1998)

Jeff Koenig 1999-2004 (detailed in 99-became the Supt in 2000)

James Tomaselli 2006-2013

Neil Gamboa 2013-Present

Additional information sent to us from Jerry Horine:

Toby Ortega was also supt. Between Gerry Ewart and Bob Robbins in the 60s, as I was a crew foreman under all of them.  Joe Cruz was my squad boss during that time. Also the movie Crew Boss was made during that time using the Del Rosa crew as the subject of the movie.  A professional actor was used as the crew boss.    

I have many old pictures of the crew during the 60s if anyone is interested.  928-718-1826