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Arrowhead Hotshots - 2006 - Grand Canyon

Arrowhead Hotshots - 2005 - Somewhere in NV

Arrowhead Hotshots - 2004 - Lake Chelan, WA

Arrowhead Hotshots

The National Park Service established its Interagency Hotshot Crew program in May of 1981, the Arrowhead Hotshot crew being one of the three crews formed at that time. These three crews were the first non Forest Service Hotshot crews established. They were also the first Hotshot Crews to be funded by the Department of the Interior. In 1981 the crews were known as Arrowhead 1, Arrowhead 2, and Arrowhead 3. Our crew was known as Arrowhead 2 that first year. As you can imagine, having three Hotshot Crews running around with basically the same name caused quite a bit of confusion. In 1981 the three crews were located in the following parks:

Crew Name Location Superintendent
Arrowhead 1 Grand Canyon Jon Larson
Arrowhead 2 Sequoia-Kings Canyon Jim Cook
Arrowhead 3 Yellowstone J. W. Allandorf

In 1982, the names of the three crews were changed. The new crew names were derived from the National Park Service emblem:

1981 Name 1982 Name Superintendent
Arrowhead 1 Alpine IHC Jon Larson
Arrowhead 2 Arrowhead IHC Jim Cook
Arrowhead 3 Bison IHC (Disbanded 1984) Ken Eckstien

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks has been the home unit for the Arrowhead Hotshots since the crews inception. The crew’s work center is located in the Grant Grove District of Kings Canyon National Park. In 1981 the crew was located at the abandoned Swale Campground site which was built in the 1930’s. That first year the crew lived in two-man tents and had rock fire pits for heat. Since that first year the crew has developed the old campground into what is known today as the Swale Work Center.

Crew Superintendents

Jim Cook 1981-1990

Dan Buckley 1991

Jim Cook 1992-1995

Dan Buckley 1996

Brit Rosso 11/96-2007

Patrick Morgan 2007

John Goss 2008